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the omnibus edition

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Bratislava Castle at dusk.

The Bratislava Castle is located at the top of a hill and overlooks both the old and new cities.  From there, you can also see into Austria, and, on clear days, into Hungary as well.  

The hill has been inhabited since the prehistoric era. Celtic, Roman and Slavic settlements have existed on this site before a stone castle was planned there in the tenth century. This castle was completed under Hungarian king St. Stephen. It became the main castle of the Kingdom of Hungary in 1536 after the Ottomans conquered Turkey, though its importance waned under Austrian-Hungarian rule. In 1809, it was ransacked by Napoleon’s troops.

In 1957 the city decided to restore the castle to its former glory. The entire process took until 2000, when the building as it currently stands was unveiled to the public.


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